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How to Find the Best Software Developers

My wife posed the question, “How would you find you?”  In other words, if I wanted to hire software developers like me, where would I start? Word of Mouth The best way to find first-rate developers is through friends and acquaintances.  It short-circuits the ceremony around resumes, applicant tracking systems, and awkward blind interviews. Job Posting …

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How to Build an Effective Remote Team

Not everyone is meant to work remotely.  Some people need to be in an office.  The trick is identifying those that can thrive in a globally distributed environment. The first two people you hire are the most important.  They set the tone going forward.  They establish your culture.  They will attract like-minded future hires that will carry …

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Herd Mentality

There is a herd mentality in tech.  Decision makers often site industry leaders when proposing a change.  Microsoft uses this framework, Google uses these tools, or Amazon organizes into teams this way.  Following the leader puts you on a trajectory to be where the leader is now.  Cut your own path and become the new leader.  Kids follow the herd I remember as a kid wanting Air Jordan shoes.  …

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