Swim Fins

Jira – Swim fins or brick

Jira is a tool created by Atlassian to manage the delivery of IT projects.  It’s powerful. You can completely customize forms, workflows, and reports to elicit almost anything.  It’s this high configurability that places Jira at the pinnacle of popularity.  But if you’re not careful, Jira can quickly turn from valuable asset to burdensome brick.

I’ve worked at several companies during a Jira rollout.  The message often accompanying the move is something like, “we’re saved!”  However, the ensuing weeks tend to feel like you’re holding a brick at the bottom of a pool.  You want to swim forward, but the brick holds you back.  Your focus shifts from propulsion to not drowning.  Eventually, you get stronger, solve the puzzle, and figure out a way to swim forward again, albeit not as fast.

Learn, practice, refine

Jira can be the swim fins to your delivery process.  But, only if you first learn a process, practice it, and refine it.

If you’re thinking about adopting Jira or any other project management tool, I can help.  I’ll walk through your current process and identify weak areas.  I’ll also help you choose the right tool for your team.

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